Dance Against Deficit Lies – The Video

14 January 2011, Bank of England


‘The Writing on the Wall is on the Web’

Report on Netroots UK, 8 January 2011


Nutters on the web

It’s a curious business. You’ve got these two nutters. One of them, let’s call him Rajiv, has culled some emails from a discussion list from which he’s been excluded for assorted ravings, and sends out plaintive missives couched in terms of eastern philosophy which no-one can understand. The second nutter, we’ll him Jack, receives one of his messages, and knowing something about eastern philosophy, takes it seriously and replies. One or two others complain to the discussion list which they mistake it as coming from, to which Nutter No.2 responds in terms that people on the list find pretty offensive (and it’s not the first time his interventions on this list have caused unhappiness either).

Seems to me this incident should be understood symptomatically. Continue reading

Coins on the cheap, or Economic illogic

‘Coins fall victim to the cuts’ was the headline in the Morning Star, while the Daily Mail had ‘Coins on the cheap’. The Royal Mint, they reported, is to use cheaper metals in order to save £10m a year. Everyone else (except oddly the Luton and Dunstable Express) ignored the story, but it stuck in my mind—nothing demonstrates quite so ironically the economic illogic of the cuts regime, because the saving will cost the vending machine business many times that amount. Continue reading

The silence is deceptive: Cage Against the Machine

It’s a very curious moment. The first phase of the new youth rebellion (for there will soon be another) is winding down, the whole country is frozen over, yesterday’s snow lies on the ground, and here in Putney—like the days after the Icelandic volcano—no planes in the sky under the flight path into Heathrow. In short, blissfully quiet. But the silence is deceptive. Continue reading

Negative Dialectics

from The Battle for Parliament Square

If you think education’s expensive

One of Nina Power’s photos from 9 December protests