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Cuba 2, Venezuela 1

Cuba 2, Venezuela 1

Three DVDs have turned up, two about Cuba and one about Venezuela, which portray different perspectives on revolutionary politics in Latin America at different stages. Mike Wayne & Deirdre O’Neill’s Listen to Venezuela is a lengthy report on the Venezuelan process by a pair of leftist intellectuals on an academic research scholarship, dense with information about what is really going on there. With our memory on the future (Con la memoria en el futuro) presents the veteran Cuban documentarist Octavio Cortázar looking back shortly before his death in 2008, revisiting the territory of his 1974 documentary, With Cuban Women (Con la mujeres cubanas), asking if women’s lot has genuinely improved and machismo is on the decline. Filmically the most satisfying, Andrew Lang’s Sons of Cuba is the work of a young British film-maker, an agile portrait of a boxing academy for youngsters in Havana. Continue reading

Chavez in London

Just seen on Channel Four News: a snippet from Chavez’s news conference in London today. A senior journalist asks him why he isn’t seeing Blair, and he replies, you appear to be an experienced journalist, and yet you ask such a stupid question! There was also Tariq Ali saying that the trouble is we haven’t got any politicians like him in Europe. Quite so. Here it’s the politicians’ answers that are stupid.

Bach in the slums

This is what they get up to in Venezuela… and Washington’s scared…
Bach in the slums – Morning Star
”The Venezuelan Youth Orchestra under Sir Simon Rattle will be in Britain for the Proms in August – a concert not to be missed… “